Lonesome Dove…or Not

Like a drifter in a western movie, she just showed up one day. No clue to her past and she wasn’t telling. Sad eyes, broken spirit. Ready for a second chance in a one horse town.

Three year old Dove has come a long way since she was found as a stray last Valentine’s Day. She was scared of most things and didn’t know how to enjoy life. The kind folks at Calhoun County Humane Society worked with Dove so she could handle meeting strangers and getting in a vehicle without shutting down. That allowed her to come to Encore.

Dove has been with us twice, and we have seen enormous improvement. She’s still skittish to meet new people, but she’s curious. If you give her a treat and a kind word, she will come up to you so carefully. Hang out with her for awhile so she learns you’re OK, and she starts to follow you and even gives a tail wag. She also loves to just lie outside in the sun, taking in the scenery. And when she’s in her crate, she curls her front paws under her chest which is just so cute.

We can’t wait for the day when Dove realizes she is really safe and allows herself to feel joy. We know there’s three years of zoomies and barks and smiles locked inside, ready to come out. Like the drifter reborn at the end of the movie, Dove is ready to ride into the sunset with a new family. Is that you?

(Dove is ready for adoption at Calhoun County Humane Society in Anniston, AL.)