It’s Spring at Encore

Dog woods in bloom and doggies in the play yard! This great group from Rockin P Rescue is tearing up their Week 2 at Encore.

Hazel is a real trooper. Three legs don’t slow her her down at all, as she loves to play with people and toys. She’s improving on her obedience basics and loves to give and get kisses.

We love love love Brutus, who loves loves loves us right back. He’s getting so much better at loose leash walking and is so grateful for any attention. Who’s a good boy? This guy!

Tippy wins the award for most improved dog! She is getting so much better on so many levels. She will happily go into her crate and isn’t afraid of the kennel, the doorway, or the hands of people she knows anymore. She can still be a bit shy with strangers but she is getting more confident each day.

Mia is in a foster home now, so she gave up her seat on the Encore bus so Brisket could come to school. Thanks Mia!

Always so handsome in his tuxedo fur coat, that’s Brisket. This happy guy already knows his basic commands so we are working to help him remain calm in different situations. He gets so excited and he just needs to channel that energy for a good use!

What a cutie! Seymour is classic Boxer, wiggle butt and all. He’s getting better on his obedience basics and is ready to meet his forever family real soon. He’s waiting for you at Rockin P Rescue in Jacksonville.