Hot Dogs Wanna Stay Inside!

It is just SO hot – a good day to keep the dogs inside! We did lots of indoor playing and training to start off Week 2 with these cuties from the League for Animal Welfare. There’s a couple new faces in the mix, too.


Bo and Blaze were strays brought in together to the League recently. We’re not sure how well they get along, as they had a disagreement at the shelter and Bo got some scratches on his face. But it may just be the strange new environment and all. Bo is about five years old and a lab mix with tan with nice white markings. He’s a gentle boy who gives kisses and loves being loved on.


Blaze has a bit more energy than Bo, but he will stand stock-still for petting. In fact, he’s a real “lean in” dog. Once you start loving on him, he finds a comfy spot leaning on you and is in doggie heaven. Blaze is also around five years old, and a reddish tan lab mix.


Here’s two or three year old Roxy, an American Staffordshire Terrier mix with a beautiful blue and white coat. She has been at LAW for a couple months now and is getting more comfortable with new people and places. Toys, treats, and belly rubs suit her just fine!


This young pup is happy go lucky. Two-ish year old Sampson has four white feet, a white chest, and a stubby half-tail (there’s a story there but he’s not telling us.) He loves toys and attention, and does a prancy dance when he’s waiting for you to let him out of his kennel!


Loretta is just all smiles. She’s so happy to play and is doing much better with her training, too. She knows sit, and can also stand on her two hind legs! Her fur is so soft and she loves getting her picture taken. This two-year old German Shepherd mix is ready to roll out of the shelter and into someone’s heart.