High Flying Boxers!

What a high energy crew of dogs we have this week from Rockin P Rescue! Everyone soared through the air when they had a chance to run and play today. From pups to full grown, each one is special and will make you smile.


Meet Selma, a seven month old female brown and white boxer. She’s a bit small, about 40 lbs, and is already spayed. Selma is super bouncy at first, but once she settles down she is all about getting petted and loved on.


This is five year old Jessie’s return run to Encore. She’s put on some weight and is one happy girl. This tri-color boxer is about 45 lbs with the darkest eyes and a tongue that hangs out to one side. She’s getting some obedience tips and a chance to meet more new people.


This seven month old female is a white Boxer/American Bulldog mix. Bebe is so funny and so brave! She’s full of energy and character, all wrapped up in a 45 lb. package with freckles on her ears. She also needs help with not jumping on people.


Sweet female Pellie is about 18 months old and a Boxer/hound mix. She’s a gorgeous brindle and white, and a thin 40 lbs. Pellie also needs to focus on not showing her affection by jumping on people!


White Boxer mix Evan is back for his encore at Encore. This dog is striking with lots of muscle and a head of steam. He loves running, jumping and toys. Even’s two years old and neutered.