OMG, who do you call when you discover a leak in the bathroom? That’s what we asked ourselves yesterday when we found some water pooling in a corner of a bathroom, and on an adjoining wall in our training classroom. Well many thanks to Joiner Plumbing Services in Pell City! They came right away and discovered the toilet was leaking. Chris and Austin tackled the problem and in no time, water leak fixed! Thanks guys.

Pallet Project Almost Complete!

Some dogs that come to Encore haven’t been exposed to going up and down stairs. Well, we don’t have any stairs in the building! It was originally the home of United Cerebral Palsy of East Central Alabama and was built to be wheelchair accessible. We wanted to get some stairs built, and we had some donated pallets. But how to turn them into a safe piece of dog training equipment?

Enter the Animal League of Birmingham (ALOB). This wonderful organization raises funds for non-profit shelters and rescues, and they kindly stepped up with a $200 grant to fund the project. Next enter our wonderful lawn care and general handyman Chip Collins. He tackled the pallet project like a pro, from design to assembly to painting. It’s almost done, just one more coat of paint. Next week the dogs from Calhoun County Humane Society will be the first to test the stairs, and the platform on top. It’s a great tool to help dogs learn sit, stay and down. And it doubles as a place to take cute doggie pics, too.

Many thanks to ALOB and Chip for making our project a reality. Check out ALOB’s website to see their success stories across Birmingham and surrounding areas. And if you are in need of a great lawn care guy and unique project tackler, you can find Chip on Facebook.