Helping Our Neighbors

What an exciting Week 1 at Encore – we’ve got dogs from both Etowah County Animal Shelter and Pell City Animal Control! Help us welcome these guys and girls who need some extra care.
The Retriever Trio (Etowah County)
These siblings were surrendered to the shelter last August. They’re almost three years old and sadly, they weren’t socialized enough when they were younger. They need lots of patience and gentle exposure to new people and places so they can feel more confident. Right now everything new is scary. They are golden retriever mixes with beautiful tan/reddish coats.
Summer walks OK on leash but is really scared of riding in the van. She’s not ready to take treats from new people yet. But she was able to handle a little petting.
Star is a little smaller than Summer but otherwise looks very similar, with a golden feathery coat. She also is not a fan of the van! She draws strength from having Summer around her.
Brother Scar is a bit more outgoing than his sisters. He’s suspicious of strangers but at least took a treat from our staff. He walks quietly on leash and is curious of his surroundings.
Declan (Pell City)
Declan is an Irish name that means “full of goodness.” This Declan is full of energy! He’s an amazing looking pup with chocolaty brown and tan fur, green eyes and a bit of red on his nose. He’s jumpy and mouthy and all those typical puppy behaviors, but he’s smart and wants to please. He already learned sit and pretty soon he’ll learn to mind his manners.
Anna (Pell City)
Two year old Bulldog mix Anna is a cutie! Her nubby tail never stops wagging. She is mostly white with incredible black markings on her face and ears. She’s only been at the shelter a few weeks. She loves people but is also somewhat independent and can entertain herself.