Hank and Jada Are Unforgettable!

Hank owns the room the minute he struts in. He has a lot to say and a lot to get done. Most of it involves toys. Looks like no one told Hank his English bulldog physique is not ideal for all out playing. Check out his video with the stuffed squirrel. This guy never met a toy he didn’t like. Pretty much the same with people, although he needs a few extra minutes to warm up when he meets a new man.

Four year old brindle Jada sashays in more like a model. She doesn’t make you laugh out loud as much as Hank, but she always makes you smile as she works you to get just one more bit of attention. She’s very smart and has learned lots of basic commands. Jada can be bossy and crabby around other female dogs, though. She’s more about the human/dog connection.

Hank and Jada are available for immediate adoption at Rockin P Rescue in Jacksonville AL.

To see Hank in action click below to go full screen.