Hailey’s Story

Hailey has made great progress while visiting Encore.  She improved on her loose leash walking, sit, and the recall “here” (which is SO important – having your dog actually come to you when you call!) This week we are focusing on “give” with her toys and introducing her to several different dogs.

Hailey is having a hard time meeting new dogs in the stressful kennel environment, but here at Encore we can provide a less stressful meeting place. Today she met handsome Buddy and we were pleasantly surprised with her reaction. She was very nice and interested instead of stiff and nervous. We think it’s possible that with time and patience, she could be part of a family that already has a dog.

Hailey is very eager to please and will need an experienced dog owner to help her finish learning the right way to meet new doggie friends! She’s only a year old and has a lot of love to give. She’s ready for adoption at Calhoun County Animal Control.

Hailey getting a bath with Dawn (2)
Hailey full body