Hailey and Sassy’s Story

These two sweet girls are enjoying the sun and fun this week at Encore. They are great representatives for Calhoun County Animal Control!

Sassy is living up to her name. She’s smart and she knows it. She can sit and is doing great on leash walking. We’re keeping an eye on how she interacts with other dogs. Sometimes little dogs bark and react to bigger dogs headed their way, as if to say “keep away from me – I know you’re bigger and I don’t want you to hurt me so just give me my space.” Sometimes Sassy will do this. Otherwise, she’s getting along great with people and having a blast playing with toys and earning treats.

Hailey is also doing better on her leash walking. She still doesn’t quite get the whole “sit” thing yet, though. No worries, we’ll keep working with her on that. She’s easy going and friendly with people and dogs. What great markings she has – look how her front legs are different colors, like she has on mis-matched knee high socks!