Great Girls from CCHS

It’s week 2 at Encore with some special dogs. Tucker graciously stayed back so shy girl Lady could take his place. So we’re full up with females! Here’s an intro to Lady and an update on everyone else.
Five year old yellow lab/smooth collie mix Lady was surrendered in November and is understandably shy of strangers right now. It’s hard to trust when your world is turned upside down. She is a beautiful girl about 45 lbs. Lady has taken some treats from staff and that’s a great sign.   
UPDATE: Who’s a smart girl? Rain has learned sit and down and is working on “shake.” She loves snuggles and belly rubs and is feeling better about meeting new people. 
UPDATE: Here’s a high energy senior! We’re happy to report Sapphire is making progress on calming down and not jumping, especially when she gets attention as a reward. She’s also a nose work natural and loves to sniff out treats. 
UPDATE: Thanks for letting Lady take your place this week. What a gentleman (dog)!
UPDATE: Star is still skittish, but we see real progress in her ability to tolerate strangers. She used to bark a lot at new people, but now gives one “woof” and keeps her distance. Once she meets someone a few times she is more comfortable around them. Star carries herself like a queen when she trots around the play yard.
UPDATE: We think somewhere in her past, someone taught Mia to jump up in their arms. She loves to jump up in Whitney’s lap, so Whitney is teaching her the commands “up” and “off.” It’s a lot easier to get a flying visit from this girl when it’s on your terms! Mia’s also learning “share” and “give” to help her not be too protective of toys.