Good Things in Small Packages

Year-old brother and sisters Ajax, Amber and Ayra are ready to put the past behind them. They were found abandoned inside a wire crate in the middle of an Anniston road. They were very shy and scared of humans. A good Samaritan found them. Some calls were made. The League for Animal Welfare stepped up to take them in, and started helping them build trust in humans again. Now they’re at Encore so they can continue to make progress.

These sweet pups are getting better every day! They’re still shy going in and out of a crate, but get them outside and they are born to run! They love treats, show some interest in toys, and are getting much more comfortable with the human touch. In fact, they love it after they’ve met you a few times.

Look at the difference in markings between Amber and her sister Arya and brother Ajax. But look at at their body build and you can tell they are related. They may be part Chihuahua, or Jack Russell or rat terrier. All are under 20 lbs.

Someone somewhere thought these dogs were worthless. They were so wrong. Ajax, Amber and Ayra are full of life. They make us laugh and they are ready to give humans a second chance. Bravo, little pups!