Go Ahead – Take My Space!

By Julie Madden

As Week 2 winds down, we’re so happy that we got to host extra Rockin P pups. And why? (drum roll please…) Because Cameron, Ben and Tank all got adopted! So we had extra slots and throughout the week Hank, Athena, Aries and Luna all rotated in for a day or more.

Athena made us smile with her sassy, brassy approach to everything. She’s all over attention from people and doesn’t want to share that attention with other dogs. Aries is almost the same age as Athena (she’s six, he’s five) but he’s more mellow and easygoing with other dogs. He also really enjoys hanging out with his peeps. He is very athletic on the playground equipment.

Hank is the clown of the group. Everything he does is larger than life, from his 110% commitment to chasing balls to being very vocal about his likes and dislikes (hint: he doesn’t like you touching his tail) He’s also an athlete, even though he may not look the part. He loves to trot around the play yard with a toy of his choice and the good news is, he gladly gives the toy up so you can throw it again.

Luna is just a kid at one year old, and she’s likely a mastiff mix, already a big girl at almost 80 lbs. She’s getting ready to start some heartworm treatment so this energetic pup will have to slow down a bit until that’s complete. Her coat is such a striking grey brindle color with a white chest and front paws.

Rockin P Rescue does an amazing job with dogs that need a second chance. We wish all their pups well as they get ready to roll out of Rockin P and into a forever home that’s a perfect fit. And don’t forget – we offer two free lessons to local adopters to help their new dog make a successful transition!