Girls Week Out!

We have four female pups from Pell City Animal Control Center – all great girls ready for Week 1 at Encore.

This four year old pittie mix wants out! She’s been at the shelter since September and is itching to find her forever family. Athena is about 50 lbs. She’s friendly and full of energy, with a beautiful mocha brown and white coat.

Athena’s part of the shelter’s Fixed and Fabulous Program, which means her adoption fee is only $25.

When you think “Big ears, big nose,” you don’t automatically think “beautiful.” But Kimber is! She is a sable German Shepherd with that classic GSD look and personality. Which is to say, strangers need to approach her slowly and calmly. With treats is even better. Kimber’s smart and eager to please and just a silly girl.

There must be some pointer in two year old Jerica. She has that hunting dog look! She’s easygoing and good on leash. This two year old sweetheart is just under 50 lbs.

Our heart goes out to Helen. She’s really overwhelmed in the shelter environment so she just tends to shut down. This two year old Husky mix (with maybe Aussie cattle dog? Or Border Collie?) needs a quiet place to regain her strength and confidence. We know there’s a great dog inside but she needs the right person to help coax it out.