Girls Night Out (Shopping!)

by Julie Madden

The shelter dogs have a great time at Encore, but sometimes we need to mix it up a bit. For dogs that are ready to get out and about, we like to take them on field trips to get them used to going new places. It’s all part of helping make these terrific dogs more adoptable. This week Jodie and Patch got to go to Pickette’s Feed & Pet Supply in Anniston. We appreciate the Pickette’s employees being so helpful and patient with them.

Jodie turned out to be a regular shopaholic. She loved checking out everything from shoes to hats. And this deaf girl had no problem communicating that she liked to say hi to people, too. Maybe Jodie’s former owners took her out and about, because she handled it like a champ.

Patch was a bit more hesitant about her shopping trip. She liked walking up and down the aisles, but was a little shy meeting the workers and was surprised by the loud noise of a big rolling cart. But overall she did OK and we look forward to more trips with Patch to help her get as comfortable as Jodie.

The next time you’re in Pickette’s, let them know you appreciate them opening their doors to Encore dogs. And if you can, please support Encore’s work with shelter dogs – there’s lots of ways you can help. Donations, volunteering, or selecting us as your charity of choice at Amazon Smile, are all very much appreciated!