EEC Building Rental Price List as of October 2020

Nose Work Classrooms and Crate Room (1680 sq. ft.) *

$100/half day


$5 per crate cleaning fee for crates used, 8 crates total available (two 48 inch, four 42 inch, one 40 inch plastic, one 36 inch)

Classrooms 2 and 3 (1080 sq. ft.) **

$75/half day


Play Yard **

$25/half day with NW or CR 2&3 room rental

$50/day with NW or CR 2&3 room rental

$75/half day and $150/day if no rooms are rented

10% discount if the Nose Work Classrooms and Classrooms 2 and 3 are rented together.


Set up of tables and chairs included in rental fee, along with one HDMI equipped TV that you can connect to your laptop computer for presentations.

*Generally available weekdays and weekends

**Generally available weekends only


Contact Julie Madden to discuss rental options and availability.




EEC Room Rental Policy

  • Early access to rented rooms will be one hour in advance of paid reservation time.
  • No alcoholic beverages in building.
  • No smoking or vaping in building.
  • Nothing attached to walls unless removable 3M Command Damage Free Hanging Strips are used.
  • Renter must be at least 21 years of age.
  • Children’s parties must have at least four adult chaperons.
  • Renter will be held responsible for damage to facility.
  • For events with dogs, dog owners are responsible for picking up dog feces using either their own equipment or bags, scoops and trash cans provided by EEC.
  • EEC staff and renter will walk through facility in advance of event to identify areas where guests and/or dogs are not allowed. For events with dogs, EEC staff will identify outside potty areas.
  • EEC will conduct pre-cleaning and sanitizing of rented rooms where shelter dogs are trained, as well as any crates the renter will be using.

(Other items may be added as we gain experience from renting the rooms out!)

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