Featured Friday Dog – Polo

Handsome Polo must have been named for his great looks, just like the Polo Ralph Lauren clothing line. He is a really striking black and gold brindle Great Dane mix, about two years old. He may be mixed with Plott Hound. He has been at Calhoun County Humane Society since last July, when he was brought in as a stray. Polo is struggling with the stress that is inevitable in a shelter environment. He is a rail thin 60 lbs, and no matter what food he gets, he can’t seem to put on weight. While you may think – what a great problem to have! – it’s not good for a young, large boned dog. He should be putting on his adult weight this year, and it’s just not happening. He is also starting to pace and pace inside his run, and bark at other dogs. We think once he gets in a stable, low-stress home setting, he will eat more and pace less. He probably would be best as the only dog in a home. Polo’s good with kids, just realize this big boy can bump into them when playing so older kids are better. He does like to play, knows the “sit” command, and can walk nicely on leash when he gets to practice. (And if Polo is adopted locally, his owners get two free lessons at Encore – so we can help with that.) He loves cuddling with people and being petted. Great Dane, great dog, and hopefully a great day in Polo’s near future – the day that a family can see past his stressed state to the incredible pet underneath – and give him back the rest of his life in a forever home. If that might be you, contact the Calhoun County Humane Society.