Featured Friday Dog: Jubilee

What’s an Alabama Jubilee?

  1. A song with music written by George L. Cobb and words by Jack Yellen in the early 1900s

  2. An annual hot air balloon race held in Decatur that started in 1978

  3. A year old yellow lab/white German Shepherd mix saved by the shelter in 2018

True, True and True! Sweet Jubilee the dog doesn’t have the long past of the song or the race, but she is ready to make her own history. Her story, as much as we know of it, started last fall. She was found abandoned at the front gate of the Calhoun County Humane Society, starving and terrified. She wouldn’t let anyone approach her. She needed to be trapped in order to be brought in. She was in a bad way, but the care and compassion she received at the shelter helped her recover. She started to trust people and put on some weight. Her personality emerged.

Today, Jubilee LOVES people and toys. She will toss rope toys around, chase and retrieve balls, and squeak the squeaker toys repeatedly. She enjoys attention and petting, and will bark/talk back to someone when they talk excitedly to her. She doesn’t like cats, though, and is selective with dogs. It seems like she feels the need to have a personal space around her that other dogs need to respect, and if they don’t she will let them know she’s not happy. She can also be startled by noises or quick movements but recovers quickly. After what she’s been through, it’s understandable.

So if you’re ready to make history with a sweetheart dog named Jubilee, please contact the Calhoun County Humane Society about her adoption. And like all dogs that have been to Encore, Jubilee comes with two free lessons to help her new owners make a successful transition with her to a forever future together.