Featured Friday Dog – Bae

Bae’s story is a tough one to tell, just as she is a tough dog to understand. We don’t know what happened before she and another dog – believed to be her daughter – were found on SR-281, Talladega Scenic Drive, southeast of Oxford. It was the fall of 2016 and a couple driving by saw them. The couple’s son was building a home in the area so they went out there often. The dogs were always there.

The family began leaving food and water out, as the dogs looked to be hungry and likely had been abandoned. They tried to get the dogs to come to them, but the dogs were too skittish. Fall turned to winter and still the dogs remained. The people put out large plastic garbage cans filled with straw so the dogs had some place to get out of the cold. They kept working to get the dogs to trust them.

Eventually Bae and Smiley, as they called the younger dog, did allow the people to touch them and pet them. They were able to get the dogs in the car and took them to the son’s house. But the dogs kept returning to the place where they were dropped off. Not knowing what else to do, the family brought the dogs to the League for Animal Welfare in early 2017. Smiley, being younger and more trusting of people, got adopted pretty quickly. When she left, Bae was by herself. The last link to her former life was gone, and Bae has been sad and out of sorts ever since.

It is very hard for Bae to trust people. It doesn’t happen after a meeting or two, or even a week or two. She’s been coming to Encore on and off for five months. You can see her comfort level get better the more time she spends with staff and volunteers. At first, she will growl at new people when they approach her crate. If she is out, she will run away from them. She needs to be approached with lots of time, patience, and high value treats like hot dogs or cheese. You don’t stare at Bae. You don’t move suddenly or make loud noises. 

After she has met someone a number of times, she is comfortable taking treats and being petted. She just doesn’t seem to enjoy it like other dogs we know! Most every picture of Bae with a person shows a dog who, if she could, would be looking at her watch and going, when is this going to be over?

BUT – pair Bae with another dog and it’s a whole different girl. Check out the video of her playing with Sister. She is so happy and relaxed, that she even snuggles up to volunteer Shannon, because she sees Sister doing so and she draws strength from another dog. With a patient, experienced owner who has another dog (or two), Bae could certainly transition to a forever home. And she’s low maintenance – no need to shower her with affection constantly! We have high hopes for this sweet dog’s future. Bae is available for adoption at the League for Animal Welfare.

Bae and Mischief 3
Bae with Shannon
Bae walking2

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