Fancy – The Story of a Single Mom

Not the path she’d planned. A single mom, raising her kids the best she could but as soon as they were old enough to find a new life, they were gone. Then a handsome guy entered her life and gave her some hope for the future, but then he moved away and she was left with nothing but memories. Dependent on others for charity, she turned to food as a way to ease the pain. Now she’s staring at middle age with a chunky butt and belly. She could use a work out partner. She could use a trainer. She could use a family. Maybe you?

Recognize Fancy’s story? This sweet dog has been at the League for Animal Welfare for almost a year. She came in as a stray with puppies. The puppies were all adopted, but not Fancy. Then she met handsome lemon and white beagle Gunter, and they became kennel mates and best friends. But Gunter got picked up by a beagle rescue and transported to Florida for a new home. And several of her other friends at the League have been adopted – which is great! But Fancy is feeling kind of alone, and hasn’t been exercising since she doesn’t have her friends to run around with. So she’s put on some weight.

Fancy is around four years old, and we’re guessing a beagle/labrador/bull dog mix. Or maybe she’s a puggle – pug and beagle mix, just the XL version. She can be shy when she meets new people. Once she knows the person, she is happy to get pets and affection, and of course…treats. Fancy has a nice calm energy and is a great dog for walks and a few minutes of chase the toy. After that, she’s a great dog for hanging out inside and a few minutes of nap on the couch.

Have you put on some weight this year? Need a walking partner, someone to motivate you to stick with an exercise program? Maybe Fancy is the match you’ve been looking for. And maybe you are the match for her. She’s ready for adoption at the League for Animal Welfare, 2726 Bynum Leatherwood Rd, Anniston, AL 36201.Phone is (256) 238-0380. Fancy comes with two free lessons at Encore, in case she needs any refresher on loose leash walking or other basic commands.