EMERGENCY NEED – Bae Needs a Foster Home

By Ashley McDonald

Bae is a dear sweet soul that has been at the League for Animal Welfare for over a year. We at Encore have been working with Bae since last October. She was brought in to the shelter with another border collie mix, believed to be her daughter, that was quickly adopted. That left Bae all alone and scared.

The shelter, even though they have tried their best, cannot provide a suitable environment for Bae to keep her stress levels down. Encore was called to assess her originally because the shelter staff began seeing signs of aggression such as; barking and growling when potential adopters walked by, jumping at the fence, and showing her teeth any time anyone other than the staff went near her.

It didn’t take long for Bae to win over all of our hearts once we were able to bring her to Encore. She’s a four or five year old border collie mix that is extremely well behaved when out of the stressful environment of the shelter. She knows commands such as: sit, down, stay, place, and leave it. I even placed treats on my face once and lay down beside her and she refused to take the treats until they were off of my face and I told her she could have them. She is not a “snuggle bunny” but she seems devoted to the people that she knows and trusts.

Bae would make someone an excellent companion. However, the longer she stays in a shelter environment, the more she stresses and the worse she reacts. The sad news is, there will be a vote held to euthanize her on the 28th of this month unless we are able to find her a temporary foster or even possibly a forever home. When Bae is at Encore, we do not see aggression. What the staff is witnessing at the shelter is stress and overwhelming fear. Please if you have it in your heart to open your home to this beautiful girl, Contact Paula at the League for Animal Welfare at 256-238-0380, or call us at Encore at 256-403-0723. We are willing to do the meet and greet here so potential fosters/adopters can see the calm and kind Bae that we see.

I am also personally willing to do two free 30 minute sessions in home for anyone willing to step forward and help us save this wonderful girl’s life. I can teach you about shelter dog decompressing and what to do once Bae is in the home, to give you and her the best possible chance of success. We all love Bae dearly and know that she deserves a chance at freedom from the regrettable hand she has been dealt. 

Even if you can’t foster or adopt, you can still help Bae.  Please share this story.  And, if you can afford to help with the costs of getting Bae the care she will need, please contact the League for Animal Welfare to donate.  Help us save this wonderful girl.  Thank you!!

Please click below to enlarge and see Bae’s amazing progress in this video.