EEC Helps Vern Learn

by Charley Jones

This week I am spending some time with this great guy Vern! He is a two year old black and white Dalmatian/ lab mix that weighs 55 to 60 lbs. He has those brown puppy dog eyes that just make me melt…

Vern and four litter mates were surrendered to the shelter over a year ago so he has been in the shelter far too long. But right now, he’s not getting adopted because he’s shy and timid. He is very fearful of new things and people so the shelter is super scary to him. However with time he has made some friends. He loves the shelter staff of course, and a few people at EEC. (Not for nothing, but I think I’m his favorite!)

Vern has learned that walking on a leash is kind of a good thing, it usually means walks and outside time. Vern’s training plan will involve loose leash walking, sit and lots of socialization with people and hopefully dogs, too.

Vern needs a home with owners that are laid back and easy going like him. He would do great with someone that isn’t very active but would enjoy a friend to hang out with on the back porch or maybe even the couch. Keep an eye out on for updates on Vern’s progress! And when he is ready (and you, too), sweet Vern is available for adoption or rescue at Calhoun County Humane Society.