EEC and Best Friends – Partnering to Save More Shelter Dogs

by Julie Madden

Last month we were so fortunate to receive a $2500 Rachael Ray Save Them All COVID-19 Relief Grant from Best Friends Animal Society! That grant covered all of EEC’s costs for two weeks. Everything from soup to nuts – well, cheese to hot dogs. And air conditioning, and gas, and salaries and cleaning supplies. Whatever it takes to help make some already great dogs even more adoptable.

We are so grateful, and we wanted to show Best Friends what that their support meant to the shelter dogs we work with. Here’s a link to a YouTube video highlighting our recent two week stint with five dogs from Calhoun County Humane Society.

Encore is an active member of the Best Friends Network, which offers resources to shelters, rescue groups and animal welfare organizations across the country. In June, we achieved an over 80% success rate where the 200th out of 244 dogs that we worked with, was adopted or rescued. That was Darcy – and we just heard from her new owners up north. They had planned to foster her, but quickly fell in love and decided to make her a permanent part of their family.

For Darcy, and all the others, we are grateful to Best Friends and all our donors and supporters! With your help, we will continue to make shelter dogs more adoptable.

Click below to see the video in fullscreen.