Each Dog is Unique – Cameron is No Exception!

We are often reminded at Encore that even though shelter dogs want and need a lot of the same things, each stands on his or her own as an individual, too. Cameron does that. In his case it just happens to be on three legs instead of four.

This lab mix is generally smiling, easy going and playful. But everyone once in a while you see his eyes gaze off into the distance. His face looks serious, even sad. We wonder if he misses his owner who passed away. We wonder if he is still confused with so many new sights, sounds and smells. Is he sad about losing his leg? Sometimes he’ll even bark at a new person as if to say, I’m not sure I’m totally ready to be happy ever after. But then with a kind word and some reassurance, his face softens. He’s back to being upbeat, and snuggles for attention. Just look at his happy video playing with Elisa!

Starting over is hard. We salute Cameron and all the shelter dogs who have faced so much change in their lives. They’ve made it this far, and are ready and willing to share their unique selves with a new home and family. Good boy, Cameron!

This four-year old pup is ready for immediate adoption at the League for Animal Welfare in Anniston, AL.

To see Cameron in action click the video below.