Don’t Fret, Franklin

Don’t think you need to tone it down. You love life and go for the gusto. When you play with the ball, you PLAY WITH THE BALL. And that’s OK, because you are happy to give it back so the human ball launcher can throw it again. When you lean in for petting, you manage to consume someone’s lap and that’s OK too, because whoever pets you smiles from ear to ear at your silliness.

You’re big and strong, and there are plenty of homes that need a big strong dog to keep up with their high energy kids and active family lifestyle. And you’re so quick to learn and want to please. We’ve seen you sit quietly and shake hands and just hang out with a person because you sense they need to be handled a little more gently.

Someone abandoned you and we don’t know why. But with your happy-go-lucky approach to life, soon enough someone else will open their heart and home to you forever.

(Franklin is available for adoption at Calhoun County Humane Society in Anniston, AL.)