Dogs of Spring

It’s week 2 with these great pooches from Calhoun County Humane Society! Check out their progress as they enjoy some spring sunshine.
UPDATE: Jerry takes the prize for most friendly around strangers. He met several and takes them all in stride. He’s also doing well on leash walking. What a solid chunk of dog!
UPDATE: Ben’s not too big but he’s all muscle. He wants to jump so he can say hi to people and we have to remind him that’s not polite. We’re also helping him with “wait” so he doesn’t rush right out of his kennel.
UPDATE: Cosmo’s sweet with folks he knows but a little suspicious of strangers. We think he would prefer a small circle of friends and not be a social butterfly. But once he trusts you, he’s happy to walk nice on leash and be your buddy.
UPATE: Rikki’s still getting the zoomies – on a small scale. She’ll be sitting, then dash around for a few seconds, and then she’s good. It is SO cute. She is also improving on her leash walking. She does better meeting women than men, but if the guy goes slow and has treats, she’s OK.
UPDATE: Norma is seriously treat motivated! She will sit like a champ for some cheese or hot dogs. She is fine with people but can get a little excited if they all have treats, so we need to slow down her meet and greets so she can focus. Norma needs to gain some weight to fill out a bit.