Dogs – March 4th and 11th

Meet the Dogs – Weeks of March 4 and March 11, 2019 It’s formal week at Encore – look at these great dogs in their tuxedos! Everyone went with the black and white except Spade, who makes a dashing fashion statement in bluish grey and white.

UPDATE – Summary: Say “Hey” to our returning dogs from the Calhoun County Humane Society! Actually, one dog is new – cuddle bug Tucker is here to showcase his great personality in a cute package. The other dogs are hitting their stride and enjoying another week away from the shelter.

Our three guys and two gals are a younger bunch, just the right age for prom night and then a forever home. Everyone is spayed/neutered, and ready to go.

Chastity – do you remember the Dalmatian 5 from last year? The five half-dalmatian siblings left in a back yard with no socialization for a year, then surrendered to the shelter? Chastity is one of the five. She is about the shyest of the bunch. She is curious and will take treats, but is clearly not comfortable around new people yet. She has lots of potential and just needs more time to be introduced to new things and learn that they don’t have to be scary. This sweet girl is just over a year old and weighs about 40 lbs. UPDATE – Charming Chastity is making slow but steady progress getting comfortable around people. Whenever she is in a room with more than one person, whoever she has known the longest is her closest friend and “go to” person to help her feel safe.

Cleo – another Dalmatian 5 sister, Cleo is shy but a bit more engaged than Chastity. She showed interest in toys and liked plopping down on the soft bed. She also needs time to get introduced to new people and places in a safe way. She’s a bit smaller than Chastity at 35 lbs. UPDATE – We are so happy that Cleo loves her toys! She is all over squeaky toys and will even bring one back fairly close to a person so they can throw it for her again. Her nose and muzzle is a bit more blocky than Chastity’s.

Spade – our fashion model Spade is under two years old and a solid 45+ lbs. He’s a pit bull with gorgeous coloring. Spade came in last year as a neglect case, and the shelter has done a great job of getting him back to good health and energy. He loves people but not other dogs. UPDATE – Mr. Spade volunteered to stay back this week so another dog who’s spent years at the shelter could have a chance to visit Encore. Tucker says thank you, Spade.

Benson – our only adult of the bunch, Benson is a four year old mix of maybe pit bull with Australian kelpie or cattle dog. He is so funny! He loves people and toys and treats. He loves to bark when people come by his crate, as if to say – hey you! Let’s go play! Benson is about 45 lbs and is a bit thin. UPDATE – Benson is our talker and loves to converse with Chastity and Cleo in the crate room. He still needs some work on taking treats gently, so we’re helping him with that this week. We love those ears!

Hero – say hi to Hero, a year or so old male mix breed – not sure what. Lab, with maybe some hound or Blue Lacy. He’s black and white but has a hint of brown under his front legs and on his back legs, too. Hero is a nice size at about 40 lbs, with a medium energy and friendly personality with people and dogs. UPDATE – Our super Hero is working to be most improved dog! He is getting so good at leash walking and other basic commands, and his sweet personality is really showing. An all-around all-American dog.

Tucker – say Hello to a new dog this week – Tucker is about 3 years old and has spent two of those at the shelter. He may be an Australian Cattle Dog/yellow lab mixed with some sort of Spitz – see those mascara-like markings on the edge of his eyes? He is super friendly, fully vetted, and loves being held and getting a belly rub. His coat is thick and soft, perfect for petting.

All these wonderful dogs are available for adoption through Calhoun County Humane Society