Dogs in Heat! (no, not that kind of heat)

It is going to be hot all week and we’re doing our best to keep these CCHS pups cool as they head into Week 2 at Encore. They are burning up the learning, though – here’s an update on each.
UPDATE:  Sweet Rudy’s personality is really starting to emerge. He will give you a play bow and tail wag, and talk at you, too. His bald spots are filling in and Rudy is so handsome. We wonder if he is part Basenji?
UPDATE:  Here’s the champ of his basic commands! Jerry’s doing great with everything, and we are now working on loose leash walking with distractions (like cats). He works hard for treats and hasn’t met a stranger.
UPDATE: Ben’s doing so well meeting new people! He was sometimes shy last week but this week he will trot right up to a new person to say hi and get a treat. What he won’t trot up to, though, is the bath tub. Ben does not like the whole bath concept so we are moving slow with wipe downs and waterless baths to help him be less scared.
UPDATE: Rain has declared herself the queen of belly rubs. This sweet senior is doing so well. We are working on her loose leash walking and the “wait” command. Rain doesn’t always want to wait because there is so much life to still live and fun things to still do!
Storm takes the prize for most toy driven dog. She will retrieve and chase and chew on toys. She will also chew on blankets. And on towels. For not having many teeth, she does a number on her kennel blanket! It may relieve stress or it may just feel good and we want Storm to feel good. We can always get another blanket.