Dogs for Weeks February 18 and 25, 2019

It’s a new week with new dogs from the League for Animal Welfare!  And look – we have some little ones this week!  From new faces to old friends, help us welcome this great crew and make them feel almost home.

Rusty – Here’s Rusty, who was turned in along with Scooter when their owner recently passed away.  Rusty is one to two years old, and is on the shy side.  Losing his owner and his home has been rough on this little guy, who feels like the world is a scary place right now.  He needs some time and a safe home and family to get his Chihuahua mojo back.

UPDATE – Rusty – Oops – last week we reported that Rusty and Scooter were surrendered together. Got that wrong – Rusty, Angel and May were the three dogs whose owner passed away and were brought to the League. Rusty and Angel look so much alike – they may be littermates. Rusty is still kind of shy but seems to be getting more comfortable with his surroundings.


Scooter – Dachshund Scooter is a three to four year old male, who’s not as shy as Rusty but still a bit unnerved by his recent circumstances.  He will approach people but appreciates if they don’t make sudden moves that can scare him.  He’s very curious and can be a bit snappy when he takes treats, but then he will lean into you like a cat to get his back scratched.

UPDATE – Scooter – No wonder the words “cute” and “scoot” sound so much alike – Scooter is cuter than anything just walking into a room! Dachshunds are hunting dogs and we were not surprised that when we introduced this pup to nose work, he took to it like a duck to water. He has this annoying little habit of teething your finger when he takes a treat, which can surprise you but doesn’t hurt. We need to help him learn to be a bit more gentle.

Sister – Welcome back, Sister!  This almost year old female beagle mix is working hard on not being shy and starting to trust people.  She likes treats and is getting more comfortable with being petted.
Bae – Bae, a female border collie mixed with something larger (mountain dog?) is three years old and has beautiful, striking black and white markings.  Bae has also been to Encore before and we are working with this shy girl to get more trusting of people.  She is great with other dogs and you can see her immediately relax when another dog joins her in the play yard or classroom.
UPDATE – Bae – We are so encouraged with Bae’s progress! She is starting to show much more interest in, the staff and volunteers that she knows at Encore. When there is another dog in the room along with people, she is way more relaxed and enjoys herself. Seeing her experience being in the moment and joyful, is just wonderful. And when she has one of her grumpy I am not your BFF moments, it’s OK, because we know the real Bae is starting to shine through. She can still be protective of her crate, but when she’s out and about she is much better.
Tilly – What a great Monday for Tilly!  She came to Encore, then got a visit from a family who wanted to meet her.  They fell in love with her, and went straight to the League to complete the adoption paperwork.  Then they came back and took this great young German Shepherd mix home!  Congratulations Tilly!
Angel – here’s Angel, a tan with white markings Chihuahua just under two years old and sweet and loving. Like Rusty, she’s on the shy side, but will take (small) treats and likes being petted. She doesn’t like her collar and she will scratch at it, then start running around in circles!
Mae –  What a cute girl Miss Mae is! Her face says Chihuahua, but her body says maybe she’s mixed with Italian greyhound – look at those loong legs. She’s under two years old also, and is the most outgoing of the three that were surrendered. She is SO curious, and marches right up to people for a sniff or a treat. She is all over being held and loved on.
All dogs are available for adoption from the League of Animal Welfare.