Dogs for the weeks of January 21 and 28

Weeks of January 21 and 28, 2019 – League for Animal Welfare The girls are in the house! We have five female dogs here from the League for Animal Welfare, and this is a great group of repeat students. Now that the holidays are over and life is getting back to normal, is it time to think about adopting that new family member? If so, please consider one of these furry forever friends!

Tilly is our outgoing pup for the week – this black and tan German Shepherd mix is less than a year old and all legs and energy. Tilly is about 45 lbs and still needs to fill out a bit more. She LOVES toys, petting, playing, and is a wiz at nose work. UPDATE:  This is one smart, funny girl!  Tilly truly has a nose for nose work – she loves to have a job.  She is also quick to learn new commands and to warm up to new people.


Bae – three year old black and white border collie/lab/Bernese Mountain dog mix Bae is a sweet girl with sad eyes. She and her mate dog were owner surrenders several months ago. Her mate was adopted and now Bae is by herself. She is uncomfortable around new people, and needs a patient adopter who can give her time to learn to trust people again. UPDATE:  These two weeks have been great for Bae.  She really warmed up to volunteer Becca and played and smiled while hanging out with Becca in the quiet room.  Bae and Krista played outside together, too.


Fancy – What’s not to love about this 3-4 year old female wiggle butt? Fancy is some type of yellow lab mix, or maybe an extra large puggle (pug and beagle). She is calm and gentle. She is getting much better at meeting new people, especially women. She is still reserved meeting new men. Sweet Fancy needs a walking partner to help her lose that holiday weight! She’s about 35 lbs and could stand to lose 5.  UPDATE:  ADOPTED!  What else can we say?  Congratulations Fancy Momma! Friday 1/25 was a great day for Fancy!


Krista – here this week with her litter mate Sister, Krista is about 10 months old and a beagle/hound mix at a great smallish size – about 25 lbs. Something in their past made these sweet sisters scared of a lot of things. So we are working on introducing them to new people and “stuff.” Krista has a very cute white marking running down her face. UPDATE:  Sweet Krista got to play with Bae and hang out with volunteers to help build her confidence.  We realized that sometimes a big classroom, off leash, is too much for her – she wants to pace and run anxiously.  When we put her on leash, or put her in a smaller room, Krista got more relaxed and focused.


Sister – our other female beagle/hound mix, Sister got more of the beagle appearance and is a bit bigger at 30 lbs. She is also timid around new people so we’re moving at a nice steady pace with her. She enjoys treats and we love when she feels good enough to give us a tail wag! UPDATE:  Sister showed a bit of interest in a toy, and got to meet some new volunteers.  She did OK – this shy girl is slowly making progress.


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