Dogs for the Week of January 7th and 14th

Baxter – Here’s Baxter, a five year old brindle pit bull mix who’s about 45 lbs and could stand to put on another five lbs. He is not interested in toys but is all about getting petting and affection. He likes it so much, he’d rather not share it with other dogs so would be best by himself in his new home. Baxter has been at the shelter a year and could use a caring hand to help him heal some sores on his legs. WEEK 2 UPDATE: Don’t let his age fool you – this six-year old is full of puppy love. Baxter is doing better at the sit command, and still needs some help remembering not to jump up, so we’ll work on that this week.

Darcy – This 50 lb. female white pit bull mix has the cutest brown spots and freckles! Darcy is about six years old and like Harvey, she has been at the shelter for five years. Also like Harvey, she is selective about what dogs she gets along with. She is very toy motivated, especially if they squeak and roll around! She loves people and will plop down for belly rubs a lot. Getting this girl out of a shelter environment and into a home would be so helpful! WEEK 2 UPDATE: This sweet girl is doing great – she is still having so much fun with her squeaky toys! And now that she knows she gets to keep playing with them she will retrieve them and give them to us so we can throw them again and again. She is happy and tail waggy. 

Harvey – What a crazy mixed up breed this wonderful guy is! Sweet six year old Harvey looks like a bit of Akita and German shepherd mixed with maybe Bassett Hound – because he’s got short and stocky legs. He is about 45 lbs, neutered, and a happy boy who loves people and attention. Harvey has been at the shelter for five years and is so ready to strut his stuff with a forever family.  WEEK 2 UPDATE: Calm, curious Harvey is making great improvements on his leash walking. Harvey would be a low maintenance kind of dog – he doesn’t need lots of petting or attention to be happy. A quick pet, a happy few words of encouragement, and he’s ready to check the perimeter and make sure everything is is its place.

Junior – Meet Junior, a four year old male red pit bull who has been at the shelter for two years. He weighs about 50 lbs. Junior is a super sweet dog who loves people and other dogs; he just needs to learn not to jump on them to show his affection! We will work on that while he is here. He has so much character – he sometimes looks sad, but when you give him a hug he is all about tail wags. Junior is neutered and ready for immediate adoption.  WEEK 2 UPDATE: Junior knows how to walk nice on leash, but he still will test a new person to see if he HAS to walk nice on leash! But we are real encouraged that he is making progress and we’re going to keep working on walking this week. He is initially high energy, but once he’s had a chance to run around and burn it off, he settles down so nicely.

Tricky – What a sweetheart this year old male Australian shepherd mix is! Tricky is a great size, about 35 lbs, and gets along with kids, dogs and people in general. He showed some interest in toys, too. His coat is amazingly soft, and he has super nice markings and color. He has only been at the shelter two months and is ready to link up with a forever home and family.  WEEK 2 UPDATE:  Tricky has a commitment for rescue!  YAY for Tricky!! 

Boomer – Crazy go lucky puppy Boomer is a 10 month old male lab/shepherd/terrier mix who weighs about 30 lbs. He should grow a bit more, but not too much. Boomer is a very vocal puppy who loves to be engaged and doing something – whether that something is learning how to sit and walk, playing with toys, or snuggling with people. What a character this little guy is!  WEEK 2 UPDATE:  Boomer won’t has an interest for rescue so will not be joining us this week. 

Aubie – Aubie joined us this week since Boomer stayed back. Aubie is a 5-6 year old female yellow lab/hound mix, who weighs about 35 lbs. She is initially shy and reserved with new people – she needs a bit of time to get to know you. But once she’s met you, and gotten a few treats, she is SO happy to hang out with you! She is especially fast to warm up to women; men it takes a little longer. She does the cutest little woof when she is so happy she can’t contain herself. This is a dog meant for petting!

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