Dogs for the week of December 10th and 17th.

Tilly –   Black, tan and white German shepherd mix.  10 months old.  Was adopted then returned two months ago for being too hyper.  About 45-50 lbs.  This is a great dog!  Typical high energy puppy, bouncy and excited.  LOVES people and attention.  Smart, already knows sit (kind of).  Needs basic obedience help and some activities to help her burn off energy and focus.  UPDATE – Tilly is so full of energy – we are helping her learn to channel that energy and not just get rid of it by jumping on people!  She’s just a puppy, so it’s not surprising – she needs time to run and play, then she can focus on commands like sit and down.

Abby –   Solid white German Shepherd mixed with maybe some American Eskimo or Samoyed, or even yellow lab?  One year old.  Brown freckles on her ears.  About 45 lbs.  Loves to chase toys!  She can be growly when in her crate or kennel – thinks its her safe place and is uncomfortable when a new person comes by.  But once she is outside, she is very approachable with people. And once she learns who you are, she is more comfortable with you even in her crate.  UPDATE – Abby is a absolute character!  She is all over toys, and works the crowd for pets and praise.  We are very pleased with how she is becoming much more comfortable in her crate when people approach  her.  She had been nervous and growly about that last week – and it’s the only time she shows that behavior.  Once she’s out, her character comes out beautifully.  

Winter –  Black and tan, tall and thin, about 40 lbs, one year old.  What a mix of dogs!  We see everything from Doberman pinscher to German Shepherd to black and tan coonhound to collie to gray hound.  Whatever, she is a loving dog – loves people, loves toys, loves treats.  High energy typical puppy behavior, just needs help with basic obedience and burning off energy.  Has been at shelter 2 months.  UPDATE – Winter this dog is so fearless!  Down the slide, through the tunnel – she’s all over adventures.  She loves toys and thoroughly enjoys people, too.  Winter is doing better at leash walking and can sit like a champ (at least sometimes!)

Krista – (has been to EEC before)  Shy beagle hound mix, tan and white, about 9 months old and 30 lbs.  Needs help getting comfortable around new people and building her self-confidence.  UPDATE – Krista, our other shy girl, is continuing to make progress meeting new people, and even taking treats from a few. She even played with a toy for a moment!  She is comfortable enough with Charley now that Charley has been able to start working on leash walking – another new experience Krista is going to need a bit of time to get used to!

Bae – (has been to EEC before).  Three year old border collie/lab mix with maybe some Bernese Mountain dog mixed in.  Stocky 50 lbs.  Beautiful and sad.  She and her mate dog were both surrendered and the mate was adopted, so Bae is by herself now.  Scared of strangers.  Will warm up to people she knows, though.  Needs someone with patience to help bring her out of her shell. UPDATE – Sweet Bae, she just does NOT like having her picture taken!  The clicking noise and the shape of the camera scares her, so she looks uncomfortable in most pictures.  She really is doing better.  Bae needs someone who is patient and understands that this girl has experienced a lot of rejection in the last year, and she is slow to trust again.  She is getting more accepting of being petted by the people she has met a few times.

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