Dogs Digging Encore

Spring is in the air and it shows in these shelter dogs! They are thrilled to be out in the sun and fun for Week 2 at Encore. And we have two new girls from Pell City this week, too.
UPDATE: Chewy was treated for mange and some ear and skin infections last week, so thing should be looking up for this special senior. Despite his physical condition, Chewy is happy go lucky once he gets to know you and enjoys treats and attention.
UPDATE: Rufus is getting ready for rescue so he stayed back and let another lucky dog take his place! Way to go Ruff-man.
UPDATE: This young pup has made so much improvement in tolerating a collar and leash! He’s goofy and happy, and just a bit more cautious than his big brother Ross. When Mister the cat ran up and hissed at him through the fence, sweet Chandler took off running…then realized hey wait, I’m the dog AND there’s a fence between me and that cat! 
Ross is making great progress in learning doggie basics. He’s in great shape and loves to stretch, and he strikes up a classic Pointer’s pose when he sees something interesting through the fence. He is first in line for affection, too!
Scarlett (Pell City)
Her name means red, and you can see red highlights under two-year old Scarlett’s black fur. This gentle mix of maybe lab, pug, pittie, or boxer is a petite 40 lbs with some scars on her back and neck. She was adopted but returned when she and the owner’s dog didn’t see eye to eye. But she does well with other dogs at the shelter. Scarlett just melts in your arms for attention.
Pit bull mix Loka was brought to the shelter a year ago at seven months old as part of a dog protective custody case. The case was finally resolved and she was just surrendered to the shelter for adoption or rescue. She is initially very submissive and scared, but you can see her spirit under the surface. Once she’s more comfortable, she smiles and even rolls over for belly rubs – experiencing what normal dogs do and loving l