To fill out an application for any of the following dogs please click here.  These are the Encore alumni only and do not represent all the dogs available at Rockin P Rescue. To learn more about other animals they have available please visit their direct page and/or site here. All Encore alumni are offered two free training lessons following their adoption. 


Athena is a six year old fawn boxer who weighs about 50 pounds and has been at Rockin P since March of 2020. She grew up with Aries and that is the only other dog she really gets along with. Athena loves attention and likes to chase your feet. So don’t freak out if she runs at your feet while barking. She is simply telling you to take a break and love on her

Half body view of Leo smiling with his ears up walking towards you

Leo is a two year old fawn and black boxer who weighs about 60 pounds and has been at Rockin P since September of 2020. He can be shy towards strangers at first, but he warms up quickly. Leo enjoys being a guard dog, if someone is on the other side of the fence or walking down the road he will be sure to let you know. Leo enjoys attention but at his own pace. 


Hank is a four year old white and black english bulldog  who weighs about 55 pounds and has been at Rockin P since May of 2020. He was surrendered due to no fault of his own, his parents got a divorce and neither could keep him. Hank is very snuggly and vocal. He loves to play, fetch is his favorite game. He also loves all of your attention. 


Sarah was brought in as a stray and is around 4-5 years old. She was so skinny when she arrived, and still needs to gain at least five more pounds to fill out her skinny butt. She looks like a mix of American bulldog and maybe even mastiff. Sarah can be shy at first until she gets to know you.


For a dog with a rough past, Emma is all about facing the future with happiness! She’s recovering from a litter of pups and is currently under heart worm treatment. She was taken in by Rockin P from the Pell City Shelter so she could be with her boxer brethren. Emma’s between 2 and 3 years old and loves people and attention.


Another classic – Cameron is a white boxer with pink highlights on his face and ears. This three year old guy was recently adopted, but returned as he tended to play rough when he got excited. Cameron is a great dog that needs an experienced owner to focus that energy and strength for the good of mankind!

Click on any of the images below to see more EEC Alumni dogs from other shelters and rescues. 

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