To fill out an application for any of the following dogs please click here. These are Encore alumni only and do not represent all the dogs available at the Pell City Animal Control Center. To learn more about other animals they have available please visit their direct page and/or site here. All Encore alumni are offered two free training lessons following their adoption. 


Bandit is a six month old red and cream Heeler mix who weighs about 25 pounds and has been at the shelter since June of 2021.


Dixie is a four year old tri colored Catahoula Leopard mix who weighs about 65 pounds and has been at the shelter since July of 2021.


Year old hound dog mix Tess wasn’t sure she wanted to come to Encore, but as soon as she was let loose in the play yard, she was all in! She quickly warmed up to people, toys, attention and treats.


Only five months old, this red and white pit bull/lab mix is all puppy. He needs some work on not jumping, but already knows sit. And look at those gorgeous green eyes!


Elvis is the only senior dog in the mix at about seven years old, and he is much more calm than the youngsters around him. This black and white bulldog mix is a little shy at first so meeting him slowly and with treats pays off handsomely.


Another puppy alert! Prince is somewhere between three and five months old, and may be part Lab and part Sharpei.  He also needs to learn that jumping and being mouthy with those puppy teeth is not the way to go. But OMG he is over the top cute!


At just under a year old, red brindle hound mix Russell is easy going and goofy. He also likes to jump up to say hello, so we’ll be working on teaching him that a better behavior, like sit, is worth his while.

Click on any of the images below to see more EEC Alumni dogs from other shelters and rescues. 

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