Dogs and Their Toys!

These young guns from the League for Animal Welfare LOVE LOVE LOVE their toys! 

 Young girl Tilly is smart and sweet -she just needs a chance to burn off that puppy energy at the start of the day!  She loves chasing the jolly ball, and likes to hang out with Tom on the scooter, too.

Tilly and Tom

Check out the video of Tilly having a great time in Classroom 2 flinging her new tug toy around. (and thanks to a generous donor last week who provided a shopping bag full of new toys for the dogs to play with)

Winter thinks, the bigger the toy, the better!  She loves to settle down after chasing the huge jolly ball toy.

Winter and her Jolly Ball

Abby never met a toy she didn’t like – in this case, she was all over the tennis ball in the evaluation room!

Abby getting some energy out with a tennis ball

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