Does your donation make a difference?

Does your donation make a difference? Does it ever! With your help, we can buy treats for the doggies. Did you know that in an average week we go through:

* three pounds of hot dogs

* a pound of cheddar cheese

* two bottles of canned squeeze cheese

* one and a half pounds of peanut butter

That’s for training treats throughout the day and stuffed Kong treats during their lunchtime naps.

Your generous donations also help us put gas in the van (at least one tank a week) and replace toys and blankets and sheets when they get shredded beyond repair.

Every little bit helps. It has been such a tough year. We totally understand that some folks simply can’t donate right now as they are struggling to keep a roof over their heads and food on the table. If you are fortunate enough that you can contribute, please consider a small donation to Encore Enrichment Center. You can donate by clicking on the donate button that will be on the left or right side of every page on out site.  You can also go to the ways to help page for more details.  Payments can be mailed into our location or even called in Monday-Friday.  

We’ve proud and blessed to have worked with102 different dogs in 2020, even with the challenges of COVID. Of those, 46 were adopted and 43 were rescued. Eighty-nine dogs got a second chance at a forever home and family! With your support, we can make 2021 an even greater success.