Cute Dogs from Nose to Toes

What a good looking group of dogs! These sweet guys and gals are here from the League for Animal Welfare for their Week 1 at Encore. They’re a mostly younger group and each is full of promise.


This year old black and white terrier mix reminds us a bit of General Patton’s dog Willie, who was an English bull terrier. Motley is full of life and energy. He was surrendered by his owner to the League last month. He’s at the age where he needs someone to help him learn the basics so he can channel that energy and strength for good results! He has cute pink highlights on his nose and mouth.


Sweet Molly is sort of Motley’s opposite, even though she’s about the same age. She’s the smallest dog this week, only 35 or so lbs., and she’s on the shy side. She’s curious and wants to meet you, but you can see she’s conflicted. A little patience, and some hot dog treats, will go a long way toward helping Molly soon learn that people mean good things happen. Her markings suggest golden retriever, but she’s definitely the petite version.


Wow! What a gorgeous girl. Two-year old German Shepherd mix Loretta has markings that suggest she may also be part golden retriever or Chow, including cute black spots on her tongue. She is our class clown. Bouncy and zippy best describe her. Loretta is around two years old and is an owner surrender from June.


Here’s half of the Cameron/Ash duo, brought to the League when their owner passed away and no family members could take them in. Four year old lab mix Cameron is living life on three legs, the result of a dog attack a few years ago. But it doesn’t slow him down. You should see how he uses his tail to help him balance as he trots, sits and even hikes his stump to pee! Cameron is gentle, polite and calm. And he has one set of black eye lashes and one set that are white. How did that happen?


The female of the duo, four year old Ash is a bit more timid that Cameron and it would be better for them to stay together as a pair – they seem to raise each others’ spirits. Ash is black and white until you see her in the sunlight, and then you can see all her mocha brown highlights. She’s a nice medium size and may be part black lab. And it doesn’t take her long to warm up to new people, just a bit of patience and some nice petting help a lot.