Cold Noses,Warm Hearts

It may be cold and rainy out, but these CCHS dogs are warmed up and ready to roll into Week 2 at Encore. Everyone is making good progress and we love love love their pawsitive attitudes!
UPDATE: Bruce is not a fan of getting in and out of a crate, but he is getting better. We’re showing him that getting into the crate means things like a peanut butter filled Kong is the reward. Bruce is a champ at the sit command and is trying to get the hang of “down.”
UPDATE: Another “sit” expert, Zander still needs some help on not jumping on people. He just gets so excited and happy to have the attention he sometimes forgets to be polite!
UPDATE: Major never got the “senior dogs slow down” memo! He has a wonderful energy level and he will chase a squeaky toy and gladly sit or do “down” for a treat. He loves being brushed and his thick black fur is so soft.
UPDATE: We’re really proud of Mia’s progress. She is getting more and more comfortable meeting strangers and welcomes attention and treats in return! Mia never got the “40 lb dogs are not considered lap dogs” memo and loves it if she can sneak into your lap for petting.
UPDATE: this young girl can still be shy at first, but her bubbly personality lies just beneath the surface. Once she gets to know you, she’s beside herself with excitement! Her coat is beautiful, and she is beautiful when she runs around the play yard full of steam.