Cold Noses, Warm Hearts

It’s a cold start to Week 1 with precious pups from the League for Animal Welfare AND Pell City Animal Control! But they will warm you up right away with their antics and silliness.

League For Animal Welfare


Bully mix Moose is so cute! He’s high energy but will come in for a landing if you give him some petting and maybe even a treat. Moose is two years old with green eyes and a very expressive face with lots of wrinkles on his forehead. Poor guy was shivering in the play yard today; his thin coat is no match for this week’s wintry weather.


Buddy will definitely be your buddy if you will please, please rub his butt! He just melts. This young pup’s only a year or so old, and has been at LAW since September. We think he has some golden retriever and maybe a touch of Australian shepherd.


Remember Rocky, the silly and sweet Lab/Pit bull mix about three years old? He’s still full of energy! Rocky is heartworm positive but undergoing treatment and he’s doing well. Rocky is full of character and LOVES to roll around in the play yard. Rocky’s selective about which other dogs he gets along with.


Also under two years old, Ezekiel is fully recovered from his days of abandonment and he has thrived under the care of the great folks at LAW. He’s a perfect size now, about 45 lbs, and he is SO FULL of energy! He knows sit but like his mates this week, he needs some help with not jumping.

Pell City Animal Control


Meet Rambo, a year old yellow and white lab/husky mix about 50 lbs. He’s just a goofy pup that loves people and attention. Oh and toys, he likes toys, too.


Our only female this week, Sister is a two year old brindle and white hound mix about 45 lbs. She and Rambo have both been at the shelter since the end of October. She’s a bit shy at first with new people, but she’s trying hard to make friends. We think she will benefit from some quiet time at Encore.