Cloudy Skies

Cloudy skies but a little gray doesn’t stop these pups from a great start to Week 2 at Encore! These guys and girls are from Calhoun County Humane Society.


Did you say play ball? If so, Franklin is all in! He loves to fetch and retrieve, and gladly gives up the ball for a treat and the chance to chase the ball again. This young guy is full of energy with eyes that sparkle. He’s still working on leash walking.


This one-year old chocolate lab mix rivals Franklin for energy and enthusiasm. She has beautiful green eyes and still needs some help with her leash walking and not jumping. It’s hard because she loves people so much – she just needs to learn a more polite way to say hello!


Need a dog who DOESN’T pull on the leash? Sweet three-year old Dove is a gentle soul. She is still skittish, but making big progress. She knows her basic commands and is getting more comfortable around new people.


Senior dog Pharaoh is a big hunk of love. He really needs to get out of the shelter and into a loving home. He has several bumps and lumps and bald spots, which are aggravated by concrete floors and not a lot of time for personal grooming. He would also benefit from walks to help him build back some muscle in his hind legs. Who needs a walking partner?


Lottie’s got a lot to say, with her hound-dog voice and strong opinions! She is doing better with leash walking and while she has a lot of energy, she’s also able to settle down and enjoy hanging out. She’s a great “all-around” dog – or “All American” dog as the AKC calls mixed breeds.