Cleo and Chastity’s Story

We were happy to welcome back two of the Dalmatian Five for a second visit to Encore. Sisters Cleo and Chastity are here to keep working on socialization and learning to trust people. They are just over a year old. Cleo is the larger of the two (and can be a bit bossy around her sister) at about 40 lbs. Chastity is a bit smaller, around 35 lbs. Both have gorgeous black and white markings. “Socialization” for a dog means getting a chance to meet people and other animals and new places in a safe way while they are puppies. These girls didn’t get socialized, and it’s harder once they grow up. They are very dependent on each other for support. When they are together, they really relax. They play with toys and each other. Cleo will hog all the squeaker toys but when she’s busy with one, Chastity will sneak another one out of her sight and hide it. When they’re apart, Chastity will cry for Cleo to return, and both are more shy about coming up to people on their own than when they are together. However, they are trying very hard. They’ve learned sit. They tolerate being petted, and sometimes seem to enjoy it. Leash walking is still tough, and Chastity still scratches at her collar like “Are you kidding me? I have to wear this thing?” We are hopeful that with a lot of patience and encouragement, Cleo and Chastity could become good companions for a forever family. If you’re interested in helping their journey, contact the Calhoun County Humane Society.