Christmas Dogs

It’s Christmas week. The year is winding down, but the dogs from Rockin P Rescue are still wound up and ready to go! They got early Christmas puppuccinos and lots of time to learn and play. Here’s an update on each in Week 2 of their training.

UPDATE: Breakthrough moment – Cash learned the “sit” command! You could see the lightbulb go off in his brain when he realized sit was a thing, and that thing got him a treat! He’s calming down a bit but still a high energy handful.
UPDATE: Sweet A.J. is the calmest of the bunch, with smiles and tail wags for everyone he meets. (Well, except the cats. No one from this crew is a cat fan.) He’s learned “down” and has almost mastered the “over” command. 
UPDATE: This handsome dog is so very aware of his surroundings and people’s comings and goings (and cats, and squirrels, too).  He’s making some progress on obedience basics but he’d really rather just have some attention and belly rubs!
UPDATE: We’re so proud of Cameron’s progress. Give him a job, whether it’s an obedience command or a nose work search or a chance to snuggle up for butt rubs (yes, we think getting butt rubs is a great job!) Cameron is all over it. Focusing on a task helps him keep from being too high energy.
UPDATE: Roby knows “sit” and “shake” and seems to do better when he’s working on carpet rather than a slippery floor. He also loves the job of butt rub receiver and has mastered going down the slide in the play yard.
Handsome Hank had surgery last week to correct his right cherry eye. He is still a little under the weather and a little upset at the folks at Rockin P for taking him to the vets instead of to Starbucks for a puppuccino! So the kind folks there sent him to Encore this week so he could get lots of attention and a soft bed to cuddle in. And a quick Christmas picture!