Change is hard…Not!

Tucker and Tessa showed us this week that even older dogs that have been in shelters for years can change. They both made SO much progress these two weeks. They got more comfortable around people. They started to play, trot, and wag their tails. And while Tucker was initially thought to be not good with other dogs, he and Tessa took the time to meet and greet – and the rest is history! They became friends, taking turns chasing each other and giving play bows.

It’s so encouraging, because we can see now that each of these dogs is capable of getting close to someone and sharing a great life together. Tessa really benefits from having another dog around. It puts her at ease and in the moment. And Tucker, well it shows that there are some dogs out there that he is OK with. One pretty brown and white spotted hound dog in particular!   Tucker and Tessa are available for Adoption at Calhoun County Humane Society.

To see Tessa and Tucker in action click the video below.