Canine Critters

It’s Week 2 for these League for Animal Welfare and Pell City dogs, and they are having a great time! Everyone is managing to stay warm, and they’re ready to learn and play. Here’s how they are doing:

League for Animal Welfare


UPDATE: Mr. Moose was a brave and gentle boy today – he met four of our wonderful Action Industries volunteers and he had a great time. Moose starts out set on “high” but he’s quickly learning that turning the energy down to “medium” or even “low” gets him treats, petting and lots of love.


UPDATE: This redhead was another favorite of our volunteers; he gladly traded “sit” for a hot dog snack and was even happier to get a butt rub. Buddy is making good progress on obedience basics.


UPDATE: Fingers crossed, Rocky has a meet and greet so he stayed behind and let Handsome take his place.


Here’s a dog that lives up to his name. This pit bull mix is drop dead gorgeous and a big boy at close to 80 lbs. Handsome has that cute habit of kicking up the dirt after he pees. He was pretty intense when he saw the cat through the fence and it’s clear this guy will need to be the only animal in the house!


UPDATE: Ezekiel also stayed back so sweet senior Olivia could take a turn at Encore and she is thrilled!


It’s clear that the loving care from LAW staff, and some supplements to help her arthritis, have given Olivia a new lease on life! OMG she acts like a young pup and has so much energy. She’s all over squeaky toys and was all over our volunteers as she scored some hot dog treats.

Pell City Animal Control


UPDATE: Hip hip hooray, Rambo was adopted! So Hamilton got to take his place.


Meet Hamilton, a two year old tri colored hound mix, we think he must have some beagle and maybe even some collie in him. He’s cute as a bug (could there be anything cuter than a tall beagle with a collie’s nose) and has been at the shelter since the end of October.


UPDATE: Hooray Sister – she was so brave and met our four volunteers today! She was able to take treats and even give a sit. Sister is making good progress on getting more comfortable around people and is starting to find her joy.