Brown Hound Dogs All Around

We’re headed into Week 2 with our brown, hound dogs from Calhoun County Humane Society! Since sweet Patsy is headed for rescue this week, we also have Polo back for an encore at Encore.


Plott hound/Great Dane mix Polo fits right into the brown dog theme – he has beautiful brindle markings. This four-ish year old guy is SO ready to find a family that likes to play and be active, and needs a four-legged friend. Especially one brave enough to go down a slide!


Guess who has figured out “sit?” Willie is more comfortable sitting (and walking) on a non-slip surface, but he is getting more used to tile floors. And he LOVES lying down on the Kuranda bed.


Copper is getting better at the sit command, and we’ve noticed he will sit faster when he has a soft rug or mat to sit on. He is getting the knack of walking nicely on leash. And he took the prize for best nose work searcher.


We overheard Sampson ask Willie “Why do I need to learn to sit when I am so stinking handsome?” Sampson is slowly learning the basics, and is quickly learning how much fun it is to play with toys. He also got brushed for perhaps the first time, and once he got used to it, he thought it was just fine.


Reggie also figured out that nose work is a fun game, and quickly became interested in searching boxes for food. He is a typical adolescent goof with big feet and tall legs who loves to play and run.