Boys Week

Meet the Dogs!
It’s all boys this week at Encore! We  have two new dogs from the League for Animal Welfare, and two great guys from Pell City Animal Control. Let’s make them feel welcome.
Chewy (LAW)
Chewy is a sad case, but somehow he still keeps going. This adult male Husky/Shepherd mix was surrendered to the League when the owner could no longer deal with his health issues, the biggest one being demodectic mange. He may also have an underlying infection and there’s a growth hanging off his chest. Instead of looking away, Chewy needs someone to look beyond. Beyond his current appearance, to the dog he can be – with treatment, time and love.
Rufus (LAW)
Two year old American bulldog/pit bull mix Rufus was picked up as a stray and is super shy and scared of his surroundings. The League for Animal Welfare took a chance on Rufus and pulled him from the County Animal Control where his days were numbered. He has some skin issues but otherwise seems healthy. He is very curious and we think with time and patience he will learn that things like leashes, crates and people don’t have to be so scary! 
Chandler (Pell City)
Meet one of two 10-month old brothers, surrendered when their owner couldn’t take care of them anymore. They are great young pups! Friendly and outgoing, their only downside is no one ever taught them to wear a collar or walk on a leash. So we are starting from scratch this week. Chandler has a reddish black coat and white markings.
Ross  (Pell City)
Here’s Ross, Chandler’s brother and the bigger of the two. He’s tan and white with a black muzzle. He’s some type of hound/Shepherd mix and full of puppy energy! Ross weighs about 50 lbs and uses his weight to wrestle with Chandler when he gets the chance.