Boxers Abound!

We’re so happy to work with Rockin P Rescue’s crew for Week 2 at Encore. Well, except for Cameron and Ben.  Why you may ask? Cause they got adopted this weekend, whew whew!! So Athena and Hank got to come back. Here’s how everyone is doing.


Athena’s making the most of her time at Encore. She’s a stout little spring butt that loves to nip at Charley’s shoes, when we let her. She’s six years old and loves people but other dogs, not so much.


UPDATE: Leo is getting more confident around new people; we’ve had the chance to introduce him to several. He is not too interested in toys. He would much prefer a tasty treat. Leo is still kind of shy with having a leash put on him, so we ‘re working on that.


UPDATE: Two year old Porter loves butt rubs. And back rubs. And side rubs and shoulder rubs and just about any kind of human attention. He is doing well on his obedience basics, to


UPDATE: Tank is a gentle soul, with a nice medium paced energy that would make you think he’s older than just 2-3 years. He loves to snuggle with people inside and outside, especially in the beautiful fall weather. He’s athletic, but willing to watch other athletes on TV from a soft pillow.


He’s four years old and all English Bulldog – handsome Hank is full of character. He LOVES balls and will chase them around till he’s all pooped out. He knows his obedience basics, too – well, as long as there isn’t a ball around to distract him! Hank was adopted but returned as he had too much energy for his adopters. Even though he’s stout and stubby, Hank does love to work and play.

Success update!!! 


UPDATE: Adopted and outta here! Congratulations Cameron!


UPDATE: Ben has also been adopted and is waiting to go to his forever home!   Congratulations Ben!