Boxer Moxie!

We close out a great week working with Rockin P Rescue dogs and wanted to highlight these two characters.


This two year old Boxer/American bulldog mix is a whirlwind of fun and energy! She LOVES to run and play with toys, and running while playing with toys is even better. She still needs some work on leash walking and the “wait” command – why wait when there is a whole wide world out there to explore? She’s a true goof, and a lovable one at that.

Lee Roy

Sweet four year old Lee Roy has really benefited from his time at Rockin P. He put on some much needed weight and his coat is gorgeous. This Boxer mix boy dog has some high energy moments but then is happy to settle down with a human and hang out. Like Shelby, he is picky about his dog friends, and he also is working to improve his leash walking skills. From his junk yard dog beginnings, Lee Roy is a changed pup who is ready to find his forever home.

Shelby and Lee Roy are available for adoption at Rockin P Rescue.