Boxer Bambinos

Pellie and Selma are just young pups. Pellie is a year and half old and Selma is about seven months. They are having a great time this week! Both have proudly learned “sit” and Pellie can catch a treat like a major league star (check out the video). They put on their St. Patrick’s Day finest, even though it wasn’t a big week for celebrating.

Both girls are lively but with a quiet side, too. They are outgoing but sometimes a big new thing (like a motorized scooter) can scare them for a minute. Now is a wonderful time to adopt one of these young girls so they can get out and exposed to new people and places. Even with the coronavirus craziness, you can walk your dog outside and keep a safe social distance of six feet or more from folks you may meet. Keeping a safe distance is always a good way to introduce a dog to someone or something new. That way, they don’t get startled and make a bad association with that person or thing.

In times like these, our pets can actually help us stay calm and smile at life’s simple pleasures. Spend a little time with Pellie or Selma and you will be smiling for sure.

These dogs are available for adoption at Rockin P Rescue in Jacksonville, AL.

To see Selma and Pellie in action please click to expand full screen.