Bounce in the House

We have a great crew from Rockin P Rescue here for Week 1 at Encore. They are all younger, bouncier, and energetic-y-er!

White Boxer Popcorn is less than two years old and actually can be a bit shy when he first meets you. But once he checks you out, he’s ready to play. Popcorn is very agile. He can jump up over three feet like it’s nothing.

Female Boxer mix Beemer is only eight to 10 months old and loves everyone. She loves them so much she tends to fling herself at them, so we will be working with her to take it down a notch around people. She was found as a stray at Cheaha Mountain.

Year old Brisket is back and he is so handsome. We see some type of Staffy Bull Terrier/Boston Terrier mix in this year old guy. He is an absolute lap dog who loves attention. Brisket is a nice small-medium size.

Young Max is back for his second visit to Encore. We noticed he’s lost weight in the last month, and found out Max is not a fan of living in a kennel. Some dogs with lots of energy struggle to be confined. They pace and worry. Max is such a great guy who loves to play and hang out with people – we hope his forever family finds him soon.

Sweet Paprika is a high energy pup that doesn’t like having to stay in a kennel. The stress has caused her to lose some weight since her last visit. She has so many hound-like looks and personality we think she may be part Vizla, Redbone Coonhound, or even Grayhound. One thing for sure, she is 100% ready to find her forever family!